Sunday, 13 September 2009

Little Mouse in the House.

Illustration by Sparklehen
I've had a really good past couple of days, relaxing with friends in the sunshine and drinking myself silly. Last night after meeting with friends, i was really looking forawrd to getting into my bed. I slept lovely, until i was rudely awoke by a strange noise in the corner of my room that sounded like when a cat claws the carpet. Now i mangaged to fall back to sleep, only to get woken up again. This time i saw a little black dot (i didn't have my glasses on) jump off my printer and onto the floor, on the desk i am sat at right now. This time i could not get back to sleep knowing what was obviously a mouse was darting around my room, chewing things very loudly. I woke my housemate up (6am) to help me catch it but we had no luck. I went and slept for another couple of hours upstairs in one of the spare beds. When i returned downstairs around 10am it was chewing my room up something rotten, it was so loud! I couldn't believe it, it was really scary. I plucked up the courage to stay in my room to keep it quiet, i didn't dare come out when i was there. Luckily my dad had already planned to come fix some shelves in my room today so he had a hunt around for me. No holes, no chewing, nothing. I don't know where the little mouse is, i just hope he doesn't come back tonight. I wish my cat was here to warn him off!

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