Friday, 25 September 2009

Clare Owen

Only two days now until my first ever stall at a craft fair, yay! I'm so excited and scared at the same time. I've got nearly everything done just a few pricing tags to make. When i've not been worrying about sunday i've been looking at work by an illustrator called Clare Owen.

I also have a picture of the plate that i drew on with a pottery paint pen, for my bedroom wall. Everyone else is too scared to draw on theirs i think!

It's my very old Singer Sewing Machine, it's just a shame it doesnt work anymore.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


I got my new Dell laptop this morning Yay! So now i can get back to blogging everyday. It was unfortunate that i was woken at 8:15am this morning to get the laptop but it was worth it, it's lovely and new. I thought i'd share some photographs from the Food and Drink Festival in York at the weekend.

The photo above was a cupcake stall but unfortunately we missed it and the cupcakes had sold out before we got there. Still i love the stalls decoration. Also there was another cute stall by The Gingerbread House. They make flat pack gingerbread houses for you to assemble and decorate yourself. Really lovely little presents and i'm sure they taste great as they use their own special gingerbread recipe. I will upload the rest or most of my York photos onto my flickr. I have a lot of sewing to be getting on with!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cath Kidston

During our trip to York, i discovered they had a Cath Kidston shop. I have obviously known of Cath Kidston for a while as has everyone else but this was my very first experience of one of her shops.

The shop was so lovely as you can see, even if the amount of colour and floral patterns was a little overbearing.

Monday, 21 September 2009


I'm really upset that i haven't been able to post on here for a week. I managed to spill a whole vase of water onto my laptop and haven't been able to use it since. I've been very busy, had a lovely weekend and visited York yesterday. It was a great! I love all the buildings there, it's so nice especially the Cathedral.

Pictures of the Cath Kidston shop and Food and Drink Festival soon! I'd better get sewing, only six days until my very first stall! Yay! Oh i also drew on my plate with my pottery pens, it was really fun.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll is definitely my favourite illustrator at the minute. I have a look on her blog pretty much everyday to see if there are any new drawings up. I am very jealous i'm not as good at drawing as she is. But it does inspire me to get drawing again, i don't think i do it often enough really. I could of chosen so many illustrations of hers to put up here, but i made sure i didn't look through everything single thing she has done.

I have also decided to buy some Pottery Paint Pens and a few old plain plates so i can get some of my illustrator friends to all draw on one each, they can draw whatever they like, but i'm only going to let them use the classic blue colour. Then i think i'd like to mount them on my wall. Oh yes, no sign of the mouse last night! Yay!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Little Mouse in the House.

Illustration by Sparklehen
I've had a really good past couple of days, relaxing with friends in the sunshine and drinking myself silly. Last night after meeting with friends, i was really looking forawrd to getting into my bed. I slept lovely, until i was rudely awoke by a strange noise in the corner of my room that sounded like when a cat claws the carpet. Now i mangaged to fall back to sleep, only to get woken up again. This time i saw a little black dot (i didn't have my glasses on) jump off my printer and onto the floor, on the desk i am sat at right now. This time i could not get back to sleep knowing what was obviously a mouse was darting around my room, chewing things very loudly. I woke my housemate up (6am) to help me catch it but we had no luck. I went and slept for another couple of hours upstairs in one of the spare beds. When i returned downstairs around 10am it was chewing my room up something rotten, it was so loud! I couldn't believe it, it was really scary. I plucked up the courage to stay in my room to keep it quiet, i didn't dare come out when i was there. Luckily my dad had already planned to come fix some shelves in my room today so he had a hunt around for me. No holes, no chewing, nothing. I don't know where the little mouse is, i just hope he doesn't come back tonight. I wish my cat was here to warn him off!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Raquel Aparicio

Take a look at Raquel's site by clicking on the post title. I learnt how to do that! Yay! I'm a bit upset that it's so lovely outside and have nowhere to go and nobody to go with. That's why i'm here posting on my blog and buying a ridiculous amount of stuff on ebay.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The season is changing and so is my wardrobe, well kinda. I love autumn i think of some of the most beautiful colours when i think of autumn and my favourite way to wear colours is with my tights! I love buying different coloured tights and this autumn is no exception here are a few photos of old and new tights which i think are really autumny.

Monday, 7 September 2009


I went home (my mother's house) recently to have an operation. My mother was adamant that i stay with her so she could smother me. Whilst staying there, i noticed the new Next catalogue had arrived. I used to love looking through it when i was little, picking out what i would buy if i had the money and choosing which of the bedrooms on display i wanted most. Nothings changed. I looked through it and well, the adult section was ok but my god, the childrens section is even better than i remembered. I asked my mum if it would be weird if i bought stuff for my room out of the childrens section, and she said "no way!" and that she often prefers the childrens things. I especially like the cupcake shelf for 30 pound and the amount of bunting everywhere. They even now have a Cath Kidston range.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Not posted since Monday so i thought it about time, to write again. I have been very busy with Fox Bunting and enjoyed a lovely sewing club sort of thing at Amy Panda's house on Wednesday. I was really annoyed because i couldn't find my umbrella and the weather was terrible and still is! I'm too tired to really say much. I came across this photo on my laptop earlier...

It made me remember how good The Virgin Suicides is! I just love the colours in this photo and the whole film for that matter. I also found these photo's i wish i could remember who the artist is i love them. They helped me decide on my bird tattoo.

R.I.P Joesph Cook