Monday, 31 August 2009


I have been slacking with my sewing the past couple of days. With it being bank holiday and all i thought i deserved a break. I did get a couple of cute sleeping masks made see...

I have also come to realise that i get my inspiration (well if that's what you can call it) from my boyfriend (lame i know). Basically i make things when he needs them and it gives me ideas to make more. For example the curtains in my bedroom let all the light in, which meant us both being woke up early in the morning. I felt really sorry for Paul being so tired, so thats why i made sleeping masks. I thought the idea was so cute so came up with a few different designs. He also needed an i-pod sock to stopped his new i-pod from being scratched, so that's where i got that idea from. now i'm just waiting for him to need something else!

Also I came across this great artist the other day,
Michael C. Hsiung...

I love this image xxx

Saturday, 29 August 2009


So this is my first post. I have been debating what to post on here for a couple of days and decided the longer i leave it the harder its going to be, and seriously, how hard is it? I am one half of Fox Bunting, i guess i'm the Fox half. Though part of the Fox Bunting blog, this blog is to concentrate on the work i'm doing and the things i see that inspire me to do what i do.

Now today i'm going to be making lots more of the fox badges you can see on Fox Bunting. I would also like to crack on with some more of the cute little sleeping masks i have been making. Pictures soon to be up! I have to start making a few pieces for our first ever stall at a vintage fair at the end of september. Our lovely friend AmyPanda asked us to accompany her at. Thanks amy!!

For now I can't wait to see this...

Pretty fitting really.xx