Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I'm currently in my second year of university, studying a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at leeds met. Now, i have been really worried over the last months of how i was going to incoporate my crafts into my university studies. I felt that, the idea of 'handmade crafts' and that of 'DIY' used in contemporary art practice would be frowned upon and today during a lecture about post modernism, this further worried me. After a couple of hours though, i did start to realise a context in which it would fit into that of the 'Fine Art' criteria and 'Post modernism' too. I will be carrying on with my crafts but for university will be mainly focusing the idea of a selfmade business. Instead of just creating paintings and hanging them in a studio to be marked and then put away somewhere i will be taking my art out of the walls of university and therefore making it accessible. Which also brings me onto the point that most contemporary art is not accessible to the untrained eye and i think its really sad that regular people cant understand art. I want to create a group of crafters who meet up say once a week, or every two weeks and who take it in turns to share a skill that they have so everybody can 'Do it themselves'. I've been reading books like...

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