Monday, 12 October 2009

Brigitte Sire

I have been so ill, recently. I have the worst flu ever and i am typing this sat up in bed. I have the worst dry cough and it seems nothing will help relieve me! Anyhow, i realised that on this blog i've only really been documenting the illustrators i like so now its time for some photographers, i did study it for godsake! One i recently came across is the amazing Bridgitte Sire.

Jason Lee is so cute and great! The All Girl Summer Fun Band are also great and have an amazing song called Jason Lee...

"I couldn't sleep last night, I turned on the TV,
it was one of those late-night talk shows.
And sitting there with Carson D. slagging MTV
was Jason Lee, doing kick flips in my dreams, Jason Lee.
I never realized how much you are just like me.
I used to skateboard, but I wasn't very good
We both like obscure music, and we're both 33.
Jason Lee, doing one-nine-oh degrees, Jason Lee
(they say) Never fall in love with a celebrity
it's just weird and it's wrong, except with you and me
I don't care what they say, this was meant to be
Take me to your movie premier, wearing cheap clothes, smuggling beer
I don't care for Hollywood, but I'd kiss you if I could
Jason Lee, doing kick flips in my dreams, Jason Lee"

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