Saturday, 29 August 2009


So this is my first post. I have been debating what to post on here for a couple of days and decided the longer i leave it the harder its going to be, and seriously, how hard is it? I am one half of Fox Bunting, i guess i'm the Fox half. Though part of the Fox Bunting blog, this blog is to concentrate on the work i'm doing and the things i see that inspire me to do what i do.

Now today i'm going to be making lots more of the fox badges you can see on Fox Bunting. I would also like to crack on with some more of the cute little sleeping masks i have been making. Pictures soon to be up! I have to start making a few pieces for our first ever stall at a vintage fair at the end of september. Our lovely friend AmyPanda asked us to accompany her at. Thanks amy!!

For now I can't wait to see this...

Pretty fitting really.xx

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